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Economic forest management improves in Hebei
Time:2022-06-23 17:24:36

Hebei province in North China registered 1.58 million hectares of economic forest planting area last year, which produced more than 10 million metric tons of agricultural output.

To better prevent and control plant diseases and insect pests as well as curb pesticide abuse and improve economic forest management, the government has established 13 teams to provide technological support for economic forest operators.

Each team consists of one chief expert and several municipal or county-level agricultural technicians. More than 80 people have joined the 13 teams, and they help establish 30 high-standard agricultural demonstration parks every year.

Relying on outdoor and indoor training and demonstrations, the province has struck a balance between a forest’s economic, ecological and social interests.

“Team members will contact us immediately after a forest is harmed due to bad weather, and will collect, check and report relevant data to better guide us on post-disaster production resumption. They will formulate corresponding solutions and publicize them in a timely manner through WeChat groups, QQ chat groups, or short video platforms,” said a local farmer.