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Business environment convention held in Shijiazhuang
Time:2022-07-15 14:56:40


The Hebei Provincial Business Environment Convention is held on July 11 in Shijiazhuang. [Photo/Hebei news network]

The Hebei Provincial Business Environment Convention was held on July 11 in Shijiazhuang, capital of North China’s Hebei province.

Aiming to build a more attractive, competent and vigorous business environment, the meeting demonstrated the government’s resolution to break all institutional bonds that limit high-quality development and make Hebei a preferred place for opening-up and industrial investment.

Although encountering unprecedented opportunities and momentum to transfer more development achievements, Hebei still has some weak links and issues to address compared with more developed places in other parts of China.

It was pointed out at the meeting that reforms to delegate powers, streamline management procedures, and optimize government services are key to building a supporting business environment, requiring relevant officials to make to-do lists for items that need government review or approval, and requiring market regulators to enforce cross-department regulations and carry out internet-based supervision.

Policy measures involving tax and fee exemptions and reductions, fiscal rewards and subsidies, special bonds, loans, business promotion, R&D expenditures, and corporations going public will be fully implemented. Investment projects will be prioritized to access construction land, energy, capital and other essential resources.

Hebei will double down on efforts to strengthen the construction of hardware, software and supporting facilities and further empower its development zones and free trade zones. To attract more enterprises owned by the central government, renowned private firms and Fortune 500 companies, the province will enhance its logistical capabilities and optimize regional transportation networks.

Authorities have been asked to solicit opinions from local market players and crack down on enforcing laws in a random, selective, or one-size-fits-all manner. Government officials will scrutinize all illegal behaviors and activities that impinge on the interests of market entities and consumers.