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Hebei exhibition area debuts in intl cultural fair
Time:2023-06-10 10:43:50
The 19th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair kicked off in Shenzhen, South China's Guangdong province, on June 7. North China’s Hebei province has been actively participating in the event.
The Hebei exhibition area showcases the rich cultural and natural heritage of the province through an innovative and immersive experience. Divided into five sections, the exhibition utilizes advanced technologies such as naked-eye 3D displays, photoelectric glass to create stunning visual presentations, and nine other cutting-edge sci-tech products.
Visitors can witness the breathtaking natural landscapes of Hebei and delve into the province's deep-rooted opera culture and history. Through these interactive displays, the exhibition offers a unique and captivating glimpse into the essence of Hebei, allowing visitors to appreciate its beauty and cultural significance.
More than 1,000 Hebei cultural items are on display, including porcelains, intangible cultural heritage products, and other exhibits with strong regional flavors.
At a themed cultural project promotion meeting, the province issued 100 major cultural projects and signed agreements for five of them.

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