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The City Flower of Shijiazhuang ---Chinese Rose
Time:2022-06-28 13:39:00

Chinese Rose belongs to rose family, rose genus, and it is woody deciduous bush.
Chinese Rose originates from China. It is honored as “the queen of flowers” whose cultivation history is already 2000 years. It is colorful, fragrant, of various postures & strains, and it can grow in the open ground everywhere from spring to winter. Thus, it is the symbol of nicety, friendship and peace.
Chinese Rose can adapt to the environment very easily who is resistant to cold and drought, doesn't request the soil's quality and is easy to plant and breed. And the management technology is easy to master and spread. . In recent years the city's Chinese Rose planting has developed greatly. By the ways of introduction, breeding and cultivation, Chinese Rose is planted to green and beautify road, park, courtyard and plaza. Thus Chinese Rose has become one of the necessary plants that greens the city of Shijiazhuang, and at the same time is the appropriate plant that is made for ikebana and bonsai.
Chinese Rose not only can please people but also is useful. Its flower, bud, leaf and root can be used as medicine, essence and spice of high quality. Moreover, Chinese Rose can represent local people's character: strong, firm and unyielding, showing that people are striving to make the city more beautiful & great, therefore, it is honored as Shijiazhuang city flower.

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