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Cangyan Mountain
Time:2022-12-20 10:31:48

Cangyan Mountains lie within Jingxing county in the northwestern of Shijiazhuang in Hebei province, covering an area of 63 square kilometers, and are praised as " wonderful and elegant to pull one mountain into one's arm the Five Mountains, competent different mountains only dark green rock too". The nature makes the eccentric precipices and cliffs and superior ecological environment with its superlative craftsmanship in the center land of the mountains. Looking down at the Cangyan Mountains, two mountains stand facing each other from east to west, and one chain of mountains lie across their back from north to south, with the Fuqing temple built in the valley formed by the precipices and cliffs. The mountains are more than one thousand steep high, so that it is cold in the valley with the wind blowing; There are jagged rocks of grotesque shape at the bottom of ravines and the stream is gurgling; In the valley the trees are verdant and the green grass is luxuriant; The old sandalwoods depend on the cliff, twisting and curling like dragons; The plank road is winding, and the temple is hung up in the air; The cloud and mist are surging under the bridge hall, and the red wall shines through the green clumps. Moreover, holding four multifarious seasons, the different mountains are graceful in spring and verdant in summer, and in the days of autumn the mountains look like being washed with the maple leave like rosy clouds, but in winter the lofty mountains are blanketed with snow. Canyan Mountains are famous for " three uniqueness ","one wonder "," 16 landscapes", "72 sight spots" both at home and abroad. In 1988 it was praised as national-level key scenic spot, and in 1994 was authorized famous mountain of history and culture with the unique building, wondrous sandalwood, grand mountain, serene valley and elegant forest by the State Council



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