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Qingliang Mountain
Time:2022-12-20 10:32:08

Qingliang Mountain lies within Jingxing mining area, 48 kilometers east from Shijiazhuang. There is one No.203 bus every five minutes at the East Stop, and the family hotels are built specially for the star scenic spot, which can receive the touring party of about 100 people. The Qingliang Mountain is the unique scenic spot that incorporates natural landscape, cultural sites and limestone caves with stalactites and stalagmites, so that it is one of the best places for summer resort, recreation, spending holidays and exploration. Qingliang Mountain covers an area of 13.65 square kilometers and is mainly made up of six major scenic spots such as a ShuiLong Hole, Baiyun Monastery, Goddess' Peak, Stone Forest, etc., which amount to 72 sight spots.

Qingliang Mountain is high and steep and it is very cool, so that it is named as " clear spring mountain". Eroding by the wind the rain over the years, the mountain is not only majestic and spectacular like the northern mountains, but also elegant and precipitous like the southern mountains and rivers. The highest peak is 888 meters high, and the enormous ridges and peaks are exactly like a sleeping beauty that lies on her back, so it is called beauty peak with the head of 100 meters high and the body of more than 2000 meters long. In the green dragon pond the blue waves ripple, and the lake’s shimmer and the mountain’s reflection make a pleasant scene.  There are also several limestone caves with stalactites and stalagmites and mountain springs, and the stalagmites and stone flowers are seen everywhere in ShuiLong Hole with the length of 1500 meters. In the area of the Beauty Peak, the smoke trees and the brushwood are all over the hills and when in late autumn, it is a magnificent spectacle with   the whole forest dyed red. In the South Gate, stone forest towers to the skies, and the Bawcock Camp and Beauty peak are very steep, as a result you can only climb up by the stone hole carved on the cliffs and precipices, therefore, it is really a good place for exploration. There are some ancient buildings in the mountain, and it is the perfect destination for searching for the remote past.

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