Science and technology
Time:2019-07-29 15:55:02
Science, Education, Culture and Public Health
Shijiazhuang City is “National Advanced City of Science and Education”, with strong technical force, 84 provincial and ministerial-level scientific research institutions, 14 city-level scientific research institutions and 70 universities and moderate specialty school in the city. The research in the field of radar navigation of the CETC54 represents the national level. Shijiazhuang has built a large number of cultural and sports facilities in recent years such as Hebei Art Center, Hebei Museum, Yutong International Stadiums, Zhengding National Table Tennis Training Base, satisfying the increasing spiritual and cultural needs of people from all walks of life. The biennial International Wuqiao Acrobatic Art Festival has been held here for eight times successfully, becoming an important international acrobatic art festival gathering the elites of Chinese and foreign acrobatic art.