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visa for my family
Time:2017-06-08 14:11:14
Question: I am presently working here in beijing as a foreign english teacher and has a "z" visa... i would like to know if it will be possible for my husband and daughter to go here in beijing and will stay here until my contract is finish? I understand that if they will apply for an L visa, the maximum duration is only 30 days, i would like to ask your good office if i could apply for them a visa which will makle their stay here in beijing much longer...thank you very much. Answer: You can apply L visa for your husband and children.The valid is 30 days.L visa can be extended once or twice. L visa can also be converted to a 3 month Business(F) visa.After 3 months, you can extend for anthor 3 month, the extension times are no limit, but the maximum time stay inside of China without leaving is 1 year.