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Shijiazhuang takes a deeper dive into rock music
Time:2023-07-19 11:26:04
Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, will roll out a series of large-scale rock music concerts over the next few months to reinvigorate the city's rock music culture and promote tourism driven by music activities.
The "Rock Home Town" music season will last until October. The concerts will feature high-profile rock stars and large audiences and are expected to draw interest nationwide.
Meanwhile, smaller rock music performances will take place free from time to time at other venues — city lawns, parks, scenic spots, commercial streets, shopping malls, bars, camping areas and other public places.
In addition, rock musicians will be invited to take local buses and subways randomly to improvise performances to enhance people's sense of participation and interaction.
Shijiazhuang, translated literally, means "rock home town" — but "rock" in this instance is a reference to stones, not the motion or movement signified by "rock and roll" music. The name Rock Home Town first emerged as a joke online, but the city has adopted the term successfully and turned it to its economic advantage. Many well-known bands and stars of rock and roll are based in Shijiazhuang, according to the local government.
To continue the tradition, Shijiazhuang will also roll out regular talent shows to inspire and nurture more people to create original rock music and enhance the city's overall musical atmosphere.

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