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wén jī qǐ wǔ, rising up upon hearing the crow of a rooster to practice sword skill
Time:2022-11-03 13:41:02
While others tried to find ways to utilize nighttime, Zu Ti of the Jin Dynasty (AD 265-420) chose to prolong daytime by getting up very early.
Zu Ti and his good friend Liu Kun were appointed as assistants to the chief of Sizhou Prefecture (now northeastern part of Luoyang, Henan province). They shared a common ideal, to rejuvenate the Jin Dynasty and position themselves as astute pillars of the state.
One day, Zu heard a cock crow at midnight. He kicked Liu to wake up, saying to him: "People say when a cock crows at midnight it is a bad omen. But I don't think so. What about getting up to practice our sword skill the moment we hear the cock crow from now on?" Liu readily agreed “It’s a good idea. We should improve our skills to be able to defend our state when attacked,” said Liu.
From then on, they got up to practice every time they heard the cock crow. Thanks to their perseverance, both of them became famous generals and contributed a lot to state security.

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