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Tiangui Mountain
Time:2022-12-20 10:30:00

Tiangui Mountain crouching 90 kilometers from Shijiazhuang province in the east has eight scenic spots, and the area of scenic spot is 60 sq. kms. The scenery is fascinating. The Tiangui Mountains assume the typical karst ground form, combine mountain spring and woods and hole together, and gather the dangerous and strange in a body. There are characteristics of the mountain of Gui Lin in Guangxi province, it's like spring all the year round here, so known as northern Gui Lin. The main humane and scenic spot on the mountain is the Taoist of Green Dragon Temple, which was established in the end of Ming Dynasty and it originally belonged to the latent temporary dwelling place. Besides Green Dragon Temple's view, there are some other humane views, such as white hair woman hole, Zhenwu hole and celestial being gathering hall, etc. In 1997, in order to celebrate the return of Hong Kong, an enormous" Gui" word, which is 97.71 meters high and 49.1 meters wide, is engraved on the cliff more than 100 meters high. It is the biggest Chinese character in the world.



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