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Zhengding is one of famous old towns in the in the north of our country, 15 kilometers from the north of Shijiazhuang, and has already has a history of more than 1500 years since North Qi dynasty built Changshan county.

The long history has left numerous magnificent cultural relics and historic sites for Zhengding. And it is famous for " three disappeared mountains, nine bridges with no water, nine floors, four towers, eight great temples and twenty-four golden steles". There are five key relics under state protection, seven key relics under province protection and twenty-five relics under city and county protection, so it is praised as " a great treasure-house of Chinese ancient buildings".

At present, there are thirteen sight spots opening to the public, such as the Longxing Temple established in the sixth year of Sui dynasty, Kaiyuan Temple of Eastern Wei dynasty, Linyi Temple, Tianning Temple of Tang dynasty, Xianwen Temple of the Five dynasties, Zhaoyun Temple of Ming and Qing dynasties, the shooting bases of movie and TV play - Rongguo Mansion, Ningrong Street, the two palace in the West Journey Play, the apotheosizing Palace, the wild city, the exploration garden and the military amusement park, etc. The ancient temples and towers cooperate with the modern amusement parks to make Zhengding become the largest tourist scenic spot which is the nearest to Shijiazhuang.


Zhengding                                                            Great BuddhaTemple





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