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Trade and business
Time:2022-07-29 10:59:54
Business Trade and Finance
Shijiazhuang City is an important commodity distribution center in the country and an important trading port in the north, and it is also one of the national trade and exhibition centers. Large commercial enterprises such as Beiguo Commercial Building and Dongfang City Plaza Shopping Center provide customers with comfortable shopping space. The two major markets of Xinhua and Nansantiao are important distribution centers and transit trading centers for cloth, clothing and small commodities in North China. Both markets get into the list of top 10 markets in the country. Xinji Leather Mall is the country’s largest leather trading market.  
Shijiazhuang’s financial enterprises continue to improve their service functions, widening service areas, increasing service types, and giving full play to the leading role as the main channel and main force in economic construction, a good situation of "financial prosperity creating prosperity in all sectors" has formed partially.
Industrial Foundation
With complete industrial departments, Shijiazhuang City is an industrial center in the country and has formed a comprehensive industrial structure with a reasonable layout based on textile, medicine, electronics, machinery, chemicals, building materials and light industry. As “Chinese Medicine Capital”, its overall strength of pharmaceutical industry ranks first in China. The antibiotics produced by North China Pharmaceutical Group ranks first in China and second in the world. It’s a textile industry base of China. Changshan Textile Group, through promoting modern enterprise system to improve the comprehensive strength of enterprise, has exported the product to Asia, Europe and North America. 
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